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My fee is $35.00 CAD an hour. You are free to choose which questions you want answered, or you can choose to have all of them researched. I would ask for 60% of the total amount of the estimate as a retainer, before I start the research, with the remaining 40% due before the final report is sent to you at the end of the research.

I will refund any unused amounts if I do not use up all of the time allocated.

A basic report of the findings is included as part of the research package, and is comprised of the standard information taken from any applicable  BMDs (Births, Marriages, and Deaths), as well as land, census, transportation, military, immigration, religious, and other corresponding records necessary to satisfy the query. This report will also show the relationship between the records and the query, and will include all citations of the sources found.

Moreover, a more detailed report—which adds supplementary and corollary information to the research, helping put the ancestor into a greater context of genealogy, history, and heritage of the family history—is available at a cost of $10.00 CAD per page. Using the 5Ws & How, this narrative report is more comprehensive, its length depending on the findings and complexity of the research.

For more information on how the premium report can enhance your family history or personal research, please email me at <genealogyresearch@aol.com>.

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