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Do you wish to connect with ancestors who emigrated to Canada?
Are you looking for a "lost" ancestor who seemingly dropped off of your "research radar", one who was thought to have gone to the United States or Canada, but not yet found?

Do you need help in determining the migration pattern(s) of your ancestor(s) from Canada to the United States, or vice versa? Or from where, and when, your ancestor left one of these countries to go to the other?

Do you need a “second pair of skilled and experienced eyes” to review your current research?

If so, please contact Elizabeth Lapointe - her expertise is in finding newly-arrived immigrants to Canada, and researching subsequent cross-border migration between Canada and the United States.

For a FREE, no-obligation written consultation, email Elizabeth at <genealogyresearch@aol.com>, or visit the "Contact Us" page for more options.

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